Aspire • Believe • Achieve • Succeed

DelCampo Academy (The Academy) is a truly unique program that focuses on guiding and empowering each student to realize their full educational and social potential through an exemplary school program within DelCampo International School’s framework.  We are committed to keeping all children engaged and challenged so they can thrive and succeed in their current and future learning endeavors.

Having the opportunity to learn at The Academy has helped me grow as an independent and self-assured student. I have greatly advanced my knowledge, skills understanding and decision making abilities. I am privileged to have been part of The Academy Program!
— Daniela 2017

The Academy Approach

DelCampo Academy is designed for students who require specialized instruction on any end of the learning spectrum. Students can either benefit from our Remedial Program for Academic Success or be inspired with enriched activities from our Gifted and Talented Program.